Mutual Aid Fire

December 23, 2007, 7:51 am
Filed under: Engine ops

This was Filed under “flashover” on youtube. It’s a bit long but note the fire venting @ the 3:14 mark, then a little later when a crew decides to enter the structure(after fire vented thru the roof no less) @ the 5:28 mark. This is an old video from around 1993 from somewhere in America. As you watch the video what are you thinking?

 Smoke conditions? Engine Placement? Water? ect?…What do you see?

Thankfully people post videos of their operation for us all to see & learn…


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The stupid video won’t play.

Comment by Austin

Wheres the video DJ…..better get on your game homie

Comment by FFstoney

It’s a controlled burn people! Pressurized smoke @ 2:00. 3:14 (not a bible verse, though I’m sure some were praying) FOG NOZZLES ON DEFENSIVE! WTF?
They might just save the sidewalk. (I know, I have helped make some phenominal parking lots!) At least for the love of GOD they are saving water! You don’t wanna put too much on there too fast, it’s a sure disaster for extinguishment!

Comment by Austin

FOG sux…SB all the way….just kidding, I like em both. Figured some OCW boys would like that one!

Comment by NoLove

As I watched this video I wondered many things. First, big fire = big water. A few “handlines” are not going to get the job done. Where are the master stream devices and truck companies? I know you truckies like using the stick! Second, don’t forget the all important exposure protection. Others will thank you later for this. I’m not second guessing other brothers and sisters, just wondering.

Comment by Nozzlehead

The link to firehouse is a scary video, I am surprised those dudes even made it out!

Comment by southside

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