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Ammendment 1
January 31, 2008, 6:57 am
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With the overwhelming passing of ammendment 1 there are some significant changes coming for area departments in the near future. The following has been sent in to MAF from Chief Hart of FWB and a post (by Revere)was moved from ” The discussion ensues” portion of MAF to this thread. What do you think of the measure and what impact will it have on YOUR dept.?

“I am so ecstatic the Tax Amendment passed , I can apply the $240 average
savings from tax relief to my $ 3000.00 home owners insurance premium .
I am so fortunate to have Ray Sampson as my representative and Charlie
Crist as my governor with out them , I would not have been able be able
to come to this logical decision…”( can you say sarcasm?)
Jackie Hart- FWB Fire Marshal, hometown of Milton Fl.

“I would like to say a little something about the bashing of the tax
payers. I am a firefighter and I love the job but the department laying
off 25 of my brothers, they had bad leadership and unfortunately they
have to pay the price. Scare tactics have been abused and the people have
spoken. We can all lean from this in the future. The citizens of our
community have called the bluff. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves,
we should stand united as BROTHERS and band against stupid spending and
spreading our budgets thin. If they are the only ones suffering
significant losses in the local area than there is an obvious problem. I pray
this kind of antiTaxpayer talk will not turn into resentment toward
our citizens, who whether or not still pay our salaries and depend on us.
Most of us did not get into business for the boat loads of money we
make. Let us try to remember why we got in to this feild. If I am wrong
please let me know because I have obviously been misinformed.”