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Commercial fire from Ocean City Md
April 2, 2008, 2:49 pm
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Check out this link to Ocean City Md. FD commercial fire in a T-Shirt shop. This email has been forwarded around locally & Chief Grace of ECFR made some good observations on the rapid changing conditions below. First check out his link here, check out the time stamps on each picture and join in on the discussion!

I’m speculating that there may have been some dynamics involved there that let the situation get away from them like it did.

1. That location is possibly an automatic alarm frequent flyer & the companies had become complacent with regard to apparatus placement. In other words: “Let’s just drive up the boardwalk right to the front door so we don’t have to walk as far. It’s probably another false alarm anyway.”
2. The private fire protection system (if there is one at all) had to have been out of service. One working sprinkler over the point of origin would have nipped that thing in the bud.
3. When a Fire Inspector comes down on shop owners about aisle space, ceiling/sprinkler head clearances, and general over-stocking, they do so to prevent fires like this one from happening.
4. If your department has a tower ladder, always consider using the bucket’s nozzle as a portable master stream device. Had they lowered the bucket to it’s lowest possible setting, they could have, from their set up point in front, knocked out the back wall of that shop with a high flow, high pressure, great reach straight stream.
They underestimated the fire’s existense and or growth potential & they were behind the 8 ball from the start.
I’m glad that you’re sharing someone else’s bad day experiences with the brothers & sisters that are truly interested in learning more about trying to do the best job possible.
Stay safe!

Patrick T. Grace, Battalion Chief
Escambia County Fire Rescue

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Anyone ever heard the good old saying…only 2 1/2 for commercial fires??? Can someone say fire load?? What an unbelievable example. Now…picture this, the Charleston 9. Get it? Got it!

Comment by NoLove

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