Mutual Aid Fire

“EX firefighter arrested for stealing from union”
May 31, 2008, 6:09 pm
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The Daily News posted this story yesterday…here
I am totally bewildered about this story. Once more it is horrible press, at a time when we all are having to cut our budgets, work to prevent losing jobs, & just to keep our heads above water. All in order to meet the new tax code…

Unbelievable when this guy uses the excuse “wrote the checks out of desperation to pay personal debts” He should’ve asked somebody- I don’t know the real story, only that if he is guilty he gets what’s coming…If he’s not guilty, how come the brothers weren’t there to help a man out…reguardless this kind of press is not good for all you who work at a UNION house-

Check out the story for yourself, we’ll see what pans out of this one…

DJ Stone
MAF staff & 2nd generation UNION FIREFIGHTER


One more door!
May 21, 2008, 6:54 pm
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Ok, it’s been a while, life is busy aren’t we all?!…
We were on a call the other day, in 7’s area with E-1, for an alarm activation in a large commercial and ran across this door.

I had to get a picture, this door is on the 1 side near the rear, on a very large construction supply store on Racetrack Rd. This door is located by the Bathrooms and opens to a small foyer type area before entering into the hallway. and the building is an older converted grocery store with wide open spaces and a couple of 2nd story areas as well as office area inside the middle of the store. The entire store is stocked with home improvement items.

This is the door with the security bar in place…nothing to it right?…look closer

The bar is unique in how it is attached to the door, check out the spacing and where it is secured to the door frame…

This is the kicker, the door/bar is also secured with a pad lock(from the inside) note the arrows…we discussed as a crew on how to force this door. So now the scenario…

It’s 2:30AM, “light smoke” from the front and eaves and your crew is tasked to “open up the building” and force all the doors…Your size up is a metal door incased in concrete with pin bolts to tip you off on a cross bar type of security, go to work!

What would your crew do? what tools would you bring? Alternative means of ingress?