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Heavy fire= heavy water
November 22, 2008, 3:07 pm
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Heavy fire = a solid bore?!!!!

After some observations of fireground uses of 2 1/2 lines for advanced fire attack ect. I noted a pretty consistant thing…the use of the fog nozzle on the 2 1/2 handline!


While on a family trip to Orlando recently, I was watching the local news and observed a clip of a Firefighter working a 2 1/2 with a fog nozzle on a routine house fire. I thought “even as advanced & busy as OFD is they are, even they are stuck on the use of the old fogger” I have great respect for OFD and they obviosly are more “seasoned” on the whole fire thing than us small towners and this is not a dis to those brothers at all, we are VERY partial to the fog in these parts as well….I’m just saying….

Is it necessary to have a FOG nozzle on the 2 1/2 line?!

Is there a legitimate use(other than for exposure protection) for the FOG on our 2 1/2 handlines?!

Does that big ole master stream, RAM, or deck gun really need a fog on it?! (IE: Fog tip on the elevated master stream????)


I have been shown and convinced that a solid bore is the ONLY nozzle needed for the “BIG LINE and BIG TIME”.

It seems to me, that when you break out the big guns you need big water, big reach, and big penetration. Not to mention the relief of less operating pressure, nozzle reaction, & nozzle fatigue. It’s not often that we use the big guns around these parts but when we do, I think we need to consider why we are pulling em’ off the truck in the first place. If it is to cover exposures it may be easier to switch out the fog over the solid…I’m just sayin’…

Crestview FD's bravest taking the easy route

Crestview FD's bravest taking the easy route

Just food for thought “work smarter not harder” that’s what I always try and live by!

(Notice I did not include the 1 3/4 on this one?…cause that is where the FOG has a home!)