Mutual Aid Fire

June 27, 2009, 11:56 am
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It was noted this morning out front of FWB St-6 a couple of dudes pressures washing a large metal roof without the security of any type of safety devices. We surely thought this was going to be our next trauma alert. So the discussion ensued amongst the crew…do we cut the roof, when it’s wet, without the aerial? if not then at all?

As for me not a chance without an aerial. Maybe I am missing something here, inexperience with this type of construction, ignorant of a certain method of venting this particular set up, or just a puss…What is you’re course of action?


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I agree. Dont go on the roof. I will try to find the article, but there was a series of experiments done a while back about this. It was discovered that even using a roff ladder on some steeper metal roofs wonts work because the hooks will slip and pull over the ridge. Same problem exist on spanish tile roofs. VERY slippery when wet. I try to find the articla and share with you.

Comment by Ryan Christen

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