Mutual Aid Fire

A great cause!
October 17, 2008, 2:58 pm
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Ocean City FF’s stepping up to the plate for a great cause

show your support & buy a shirt!!!

Pass this on to all you know, let’s help “extinguish” this horrible disease!


IAFF endorses Obama
August 28, 2008, 6:17 pm
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There has been much discussion on the issue of the IAFF supporting Obama for the presidency and even rumors of IAFF members leaving the ranks because of this support. I have heard members talk about their union dues going to support a candidate and being involved in this political process and it hasn’t been pretty.

I don’t know exactly who I am going to support this year (as with many of you I am sure) BUT I know one thing, leaving the ranks of our great UNION is not the answer!. When you get married you sometimes have disagreements that generally doesn’t mean you get a divorce every time. Likewise you can’t agree with every political move that comes down the pipe from the IAFF, however I believe the folks involved with running our great Union truly have Firefighters best interest at hand.

When it comes to issues that affect firefighters I believe voting records tell the story Check for yourself here In the meantime look here in order to remember WHY we are UNION firefighters in the first place.

Whether you are union or not the IAFF agenda has improved your job and safety at a minimum.

So what are YOUR opinions about this endorsment and which way are you going to vote? As for me and my house… I dunno we shall see.
DJ Stone MAF-

Clearwater Firefighters dig in
June 19, 2008, 7:34 am
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Florida’s Professional Firefighters Announce Boycott of the City of Clearwater

The Florida Professional Firefighters today is urging its 26,000 members, along with the 280,000 professional fire fighters across the nation and Canada, to boycott the City of Clearwater for their unethical and illegal treatment of its fire fighters.

The boycott stems from several years of issues ranging from illegal demotions and firings, to sexual harassment of female firefighters by Clearwater city manager William Horne and Clearwater Fire Chief Jamie Geer.

The taxpayers of Clearwater have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars funding a personal war by Horne and Geer against the Clearwater Fire Fighters Association (CFFA). This personal war has led to defeat in every legal battle Clearwater has entered in to.

In addition to the money already spent, Clearwater taxpayers have yet to pay for the 26 pending grievances and 1 sexual discrimination case that has yet to be resolved. In tough financial times, the potential to exceed $1 Million in costs is a reality, not a dream.

In response to the way the City of Clearwater has decided to treat its fire fighters, all firefighters coming to Florida are being advised to avoid the Clearwater area as a vacation destination. All fire fighters living in the area are asked to spend their money in neighboring cities and not Clearwater. This boycott will last as long as Clearwater Firefighters are treated as second-class citizens.

For more information on the boycott, as well as the illegal treatment of Clearwater’s firefighters, contact:

– John Lee, President of the Clearwater Firefighters Association at (727) 804-5064.
– David Hogan, Secretary/Treasurer of the Clearwater Firefighters Assn. (727) 647-5659

Please take a moment to visit their web site:

“EX firefighter arrested for stealing from union”
May 31, 2008, 6:09 pm
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The Daily News posted this story yesterday…here
I am totally bewildered about this story. Once more it is horrible press, at a time when we all are having to cut our budgets, work to prevent losing jobs, & just to keep our heads above water. All in order to meet the new tax code…

Unbelievable when this guy uses the excuse “wrote the checks out of desperation to pay personal debts” He should’ve asked somebody- I don’t know the real story, only that if he is guilty he gets what’s coming…If he’s not guilty, how come the brothers weren’t there to help a man out…reguardless this kind of press is not good for all you who work at a UNION house-

Check out the story for yourself, we’ll see what pans out of this one…

DJ Stone
MAF staff & 2nd generation UNION FIREFIGHTER