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It’s been a while…
October 12, 2009, 3:39 pm
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It’s been a while since some kind of post. I have realized that there are a hundred million really good blogs out there on the fire service and they have gained my attention. Not to mention there is only so much to report on and post to “training” from my pee-brain.

Anyhow, there have been a rash of deadly fires in our area(F-dub proper)…3 to count in the last 6 months. 2 in OCW’s first due and one in ours(FWBFD). What is going on?! some have asked. It is unusual for our small town area to have such a rash in a short time span. Death via fire does happen in our area( as well as rescue from that fire), just not often. Unfortunately in all 3 cases there was no possible way the fire service could have helped those people. Crews acted and arrived on scene fast (on scene within 3 minutes of alarm). It wasn’t lack of ability, training, equipment, manning? maybe but in these cases there was enough people to attempt a rescue if possible. I hear the term “risk vs benefit” all the time and even in these cases there was no risk…because we didn’t have the time… I believe after talking to those involved and being there for one of them that time was not on the fire services’ side in these circumstances. In all of these cases the lack of timely call (a significant delay) to 911 was common. I believe if we would have been called sooner, a minute or two, would have made the difference…The call is that important. Seconds do count when they add up to minutes which are what makes or brakes a “grab”. So let us be vigilant on our training, preparedness to respond to the call, & fortitude to “make the push”. It is our part as professionals (vol or career) to give the public of whom we serve that benefit, it is what they expect and rightfully so! Fire prevention month is upon us…let’s not forget to tell our community how important it is to call us and call us fast!

9-1-1 save lives

Stay safe and live ready!
DJ Stone